Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

My Chiropractic story....

Why did you originally seek chiropractic care?

New in town- needed to establish a chiropractic relationship for continued care

What made you choose Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre?

Looking for Vin de Set and met April on the sidewalk and asked her for directions-the rest is history!

Can you briefly describe your experience with chiropractic to date?

A necessary part of maintaining my good health, energy, and lifestyle.

What differences have you seen in your health and well being following Chiropractic care (for example; quality sleep, improved digestion, more energy, enhanced immunity)?

Helps all of the above-could not live without chiropractic care

How has Chiropractic impacted your personal life, family life and/or professional life?
Keeps me in the flow.

Is there anything you can do now that you couldn't do prior to starting care?
Improved neck motion and reduced pain and stiffness.

If you are now symptom free/have minimal symptoms, why do you continue to get adjusted regularly?
Optimal energy and nerve function, improves my immunity and keeps me active.

Have you had your children/loved ones' nervous systems checked and/or recommended our practice to others?
Yes, always. I have had chiro care since 1979 (my husband was a chiropractor from 1980-2003) Dr. Crystal is one of the best! Extremely knowledgeable, caring and concerned about natural healing.